We are pleased to introduce our company and the products and services we offer.
Tomed Ltd. is a Bulgarian company established in 2005 with main activity related to delivery, installation and service of all types of equipment for diagnostic imaging and common hospital equipments and consumables - Computed tomography, angiographic systems - cardiovascular and peripheral, digital and conventional X-ray and X-ray radiography, mammography and orthopedic surgical mobile C- arms , mobile x-ray , hospital beds, sterilization units, ECG, Patient monitors, ultrasound equipment , dental X-ray equipment, dental imaging , DICOM and digitizing systems , all kinds of CR / DR, dry printers, professional diagnostic monitors for radiology.
Together with imaging equipment we also offer sterilization systems, hospital beds and furniture, ECG and monitoring systems and other medical equipment on request.
Tomed Ltd. is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has successfully worked on and implemented a system of quality management according to ISO standard.
Realizing the importance of the quality and reliability of the equipment that we offer , we Tomed Ltd provide reliable and highly skilled service team , providing technical support for all our equipment . Our employees are trained for each type of equipment of foreign specialists and keep training up to date with new developments in this area. Tomed Ltd. is a distributor of several major companies in this field in Europe, U.S. and ASIA, and this together with our rich international business relations with many companies in the industry enables us to fast delivery of spare parts for our machines.

We are trained and skilled to integrate PACS/HIS/RIS networks with modern software and hardware. Oue engineers are service trained certified.
Tomed Ltd. offers a catalog of X-ray tubes for CT, conventional X-ray, mammography, angiography systems, etc. with official international warranty.
We are familiar with all new standards and requirements for this type of equipment in the EU and Bulgaria and ensure that our systems fully meet these conditions.

We operate our business from two offices – Sofia and Stara Zagora.

If you have any questions just e-mail us at

Tomed Ltd.

Stara Zagora 6000
84, Gurko str.
phone +359 42 631027
fax +359 42 600314
mobile +359 885 305680

Sofia 1680
59B, Kazbek str., bl.2
phone +359 2 869 26 15
fax +359 2 869 26 15
mobile +359 888 006514

Technical service:
+359 885 593818
+359 889 553899
+359 882 661119
+359 884 709904

Thank you for your attention.


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