Service and clients

Tomed Ltd. is a licensed company for service of equipment with Sources of Ionizing Radiation and performs professional installation and service of all types of devices for diagnostic imaging, as well as other equipment upon request.
We have service centers in Stara Zagora and Lovech, which quickly and adequately cover the entire territory of Bulgaria.

Some of our clients are:

UMHAT Prof. Dr. Stoyan Kirkovich - Stara Zagora
Mina Hospital Mina - Plovdiv
Complex Oncology Center - Stara Zagora
UMBAL Kaspela - Plovdiv
UMBAL Trakia - Stara Zagora
University Hospital Plovdiv - Plovdiv
MHAT Beroe - Stara Zagora
DCC 5 - Plovdiv
DCC 1 - Stara Zagora
DCC 2 - Plovdiv
SBALPFZ Stara Zagora
DCC 1 - Plovdiv
SMDL Termil - Stara Zagora
Complex Oncology Center - Plovdiv
MHAT St. Kozma and Damyan - Plovdiv
SBALPFZS - Blagoevgrad
Provet - Plovdiv
Pulse Hospital - Blagoevgrad
University Hospital Georgi Stranski - Pleven
Clinic Dr. Borisov - Sofia
DCC 1 - Kardzhali
MHAT Hygia - Pazardzhik
TDCC - Ruse
SBALPFZ - Pazardzhik
Cardiology Laboratory Cardiolife - Varna
MHAT Panteleimon - Yambol
MHAT Lovech - Lovech
MHAT Haskovo - Haskovo
MHAT Dobrich - Dobrich
MHAT - Chirpan
PCHMDL - Shumen
MC - Chirpan
Hristo Stambolski Hospital - Kazanlak
DCC - Kazanlak
MHAT - Zlatograd
MHAT - Teteven
SMDL - Razgrad
MHAT - Radnevo
MHAT - Galabovo
SMDL - Nova Zagora